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Holiday Slightly Obfu

by dingus (Friar)
on Dec 14, 2002 at 13:12 UTC ( [id://219860]=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Yes this could also go in the poetry section - but then it has to complete with the more traditional Twelve Days of Christmas... and yes I probably could obfu a bit more (if you run is without a parameter it uses Christmas, if you give it an argument e.g. "CHANNUKAH" it will use that)
#!perl # AN ELECTRONIC HOLIDAY CARD TO ALL # # Lyrics: Evan Leibovitch # Code: Beverly Erlebacher # Written: December 1989 # Perled: Dingus December 2002 # # This code is in the public domain. my $i=0; my $mm; my $default_hol= (@ARGV ? uc($ARGV[0]) :"CHRISTMAS"); my @cardinal= ("Adi c","Tve","Tjgaa","Felg", "Ffua","Sfw","Sauad","Efpjb","Nfda", "Tad","Ekauad","Tvakua");my @ordinal=("sfghb", "haredi", "bjfgi","selgbj", "sfsbj","hfwbj","hauadbj", "afpjbj","dfdbj","badbj","akauadbj", "bvaksbj", "bjfgbaadbj");my @item=("nlgdb-elb V.D.T.", "sclkbm bctah;","jacih rgchjai;", "nci nkerxh;","rega iloth;","nci redbgekkagh;", "nkevd tcgbfbfedh;","pabbmh imfdp;","skettfah sgmfdp;", "tegbh c-ycoofdp;", "rjfth c-hoexfdp;","necgih c-nkevfdp;"); $mm= 'AN ELECTRONIC '. $default_hol.' CARD TO ALL'. "\n\nLmgfrh: Eucd Lafneufbrj\nCeia:". "Bauagkm Egkancrjag\nPagkai nm Dfdplh\n". "Daifrcbai be Dcua Mched, Cjgfh Sfanadocdd,". " cdi ". "cdmeda vje'h". " kasb\nbjafg reotlbagh ". "ckeda ylhb kedp adelpj seg". " bjao be haks-iahbglrb:\n(Sldp ". "be bja blda es heoabjfdp eg ebjag...)". "\n\n\n". "Od bja $ordinal[0]". " icm I kasb fb, om Udfw ". "pcua be oa:\n";$mm.="\tA $item[0]\n"; for( $i=1;$i<12; $i++ ) { $mm.= "\nOd bja $ordinal[$i]". " icm I kasb fb, om Udfw ". "pcua be oa:\n"; $mm.="\t$cardinal[$_]". " $item[$_]\n" for(reverse(0..$i));} $mm.= "\n". "Od bja $ordinal[$i] ic". "m I hbcgbai cictbfdp". "\x20om Nfdbadie se". "g bja VME nlh.\n"; eval'$mm=~y/a-y'. '/etanoirsdhl'. 'uybmg%cfpv'. 'wxkj/;pr'. 'int$mm';
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Re: Holiday Slightly Obfu
by benn (Vicar) on Dec 15, 2002 at 18:44 UTC
    Lovely. Looks worryingly like Welsh though....:) Come to think of it, lots of this section looks like...ermm...

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