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Here, you can post requests for action to the PerlMonks site janitors. However, this normally should not be necessary, and is considered a route of last resort. Deprecated; in fact, so deprecated that the form for posting no longer exists on this page.

Instead, use one of the suggestions below, after reviewing What do Janitors do?.

The preferred way to make such requests is through the consideration process. However, you must be Friar in order to do that. Monks of lower levels need other means.

The next best way is probably to enter the chatterbox, see if there are any janitors about, and discuss the matter with them. Even if there are no janitors chatting in the cb, there will almost certainly be some Friars who can create the consideration for you.

Failing even that, we suggest that you simply /msg janitors with your request. They will see it in their inbox.

If all of the above fail to get your request noticed by the janitors, posting here probably won't work either. :-)

Your requests for the editor
Is there any detailed examples about WWW::Scripter::Plugin::Javascript?
on May 17, 2012 at 00:03
0 replies by bottles
    well, I am writing an auto fill web form program and i have used WWW::Scripter and WWW::Scripter::Plugin::Javascript because the web used js. But I am not very familiar with javascript so I dont know how to use this perl module. So can anyone give me a detailed example about how to use it? thank u!
I'm me but I'm not me...
on Apr 22, 2009 at 20:16
0 replies by Minok
    So I didn't follow rule #1 and needed to add to my post, only to discover there was no handle by which to do that.

    The post ( is made by Minok (me), but its just presented as posted by Minok, and I cannot edit it (as if Minok is not me).

    Q&A > arrays > How do I completely remove an element from an array? contributed by Minok

    I then proceeded to reply to my own post to add what I wanted to add and see that that post ( is indeed recognized as 'me':

    Re: Answer: How do I completely remove an element from an array?
    by you!!!

    So I'm not sure what happened.. if this is a system issue or me not understanding the interface.

hash by reference Issue of getting same sequence issue
on Oct 08, 2008 at 07:31
1 reply by tilak_sai
    sub Msg { my $line = shift; my ($pf,$fixFields) = split(/received:|Sent:/, $line); my %fixMsg; %fixMsg = split(/,=/, $fixFields); @fixMsg{('_time_', '_mi_', '_fixsession_')} = (split(/\|/, $pf))2,3,5; return \%fixMsg; } open file,"abc.txt" while(<file>){ $msg=pfUtils::Msg($_); foreach my $key (%{$msg}) { if (!($key eq _mi_|$key eq _fixsession_|$key eq _time_|$msg->{$key} eq '')) { printf "\n\t%20s (%3d) = %s ", $code,$key,$value; } } } close file; "abc.txt" File contains informationa as below ^|server |13:20:52.423762|pht0211j-hello|DebugLow|NAQ|PXXXX thread started. Thread ID=-1349444688.|<> ^|Server |13:20:52.425505|pht0211j-hello|DebugLow|Sian01|Sian01 Sent: 8=FIX.4.2,9=65,35=A,34=1,49=FBCO20,56=CMS,52=20080111-18:20:52,43=N,98=0,108=60,10=133|<> ^|Server |13:20:52.425602|pht0211j-hello|InfoGeneral|Sian01|SiacConn001 Logon : 8=FIX.4.2,9=65,35=A,34=1,49=FBCO20,56=CMS,52=20080111-18:20:52, 43=N,98=0,108=60,10=133|<> ^|server |13:20:52.647996|pht0211j-hello|InfoGeneral|abc|Starting ABC link: Abxxx|<>
Node 588055 is a duplicate
on Dec 06, 2006 at 03:46
0 replies by MaxKlokan

    DONE. 2006-12-06 - The ER Hobbit

    Dear editors,

    node 588055 is a duplicate of my node 588056 For some reasone it shows up as from anonymous monk (the browser was hanging and I stopped it and resubmitted it). Would you please delete it?

    Thank you

http::recorder problem with javascript?
on Mar 30, 2006 at 21:23
0 replies by roytech88

    roytech88 LATER RE-POSTED IN A BETTER PLACE. 2006-03-30
    - The ER Hobbit

    how come that some other website's log-in information would no t be recorded in the HTTP::Recorder Control Panel? like some other website's links would not be recorded like..https:/ do i need to modify the thanks
Link new Tutorial, please
on Sep 18, 2005 at 18:57
0 replies by planetscape
Place link to new tutorial on Tutorials page, please
on Sep 11, 2005 at 00:34
0 replies by planetscape
Smite me, oh Lords!
on Aug 25, 2005 at 21:15
1 reply by Yanick

    A long time ago, I created a monastic avatar, and his name was `/anick. And this was good. But it was also a long time ago. So long ago that not only I forgot the associated password, but I had time to change provider a few times, making simple password retrievery an impossibility.

    So, could one of the Powers That Are please smite my incarnation sitting at so that, alike the Phoenux, I can be reborn of its toasty ashes?

Please add link to Tutorials
on Jul 30, 2005 at 09:31
1 reply by planetscape
Duplicate of Users SQL password
on Jun 23, 2005 at 10:22
0 replies by marto

    RESOLVED BY OTHER JANITORS. 2005-06-23 - The ER Hobbit

    Under node update database question I posted voicing my concerns about the user posting his production sql password. The node which follows mine provides a perl solution but also displays the sql password. I suggest editing the nodes so that this information is not displayed.

    Just my 2c


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