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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[choroba]Corion We had to let them check all our bank accounts and we weren't allowed to invest to any stock directly, too.
[Corion]choroba: Yes, that is common when you're employed with a German bank too, but not as entirely restrictive. I am allowed to invest in any stocks except a certain list of non-recommended stocks because they are clients of $work . This is in contrast to...
[Corion]... the governmental supervisory office, who actually were allowed to do insider trading even for companies they investigated. There is now, after Wirecard, a change in policy there so that they get regulated just like "normal" employees in the ...
[Corion]... financial sector.
[choroba]Maybe it wasn't the same for all the departments. We did the Research Publishing, i.e. we had access to analysts' papers before they were published.
[Corion]choroba: Aaah, yes. Research is "Level 2", and yes, in research you need to open up everything.
[Corion]I am in contact with a colleague there, and he meticulously marks everything as "internal", "internal, not for distribution", "allowed to publish (because it has been published already)" etc. - Research is one of the areas where you are really restricted
[Corion]... just like trading, because you have access to insider information that can really move the market.
[Corion]On the upside, that colleague is fascinating to watch when he writes an article - I assume that it must be like this to watch a programmer write down some program... The words flow from his fingers in ready-to-be-printed sentences (but he produces...

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[Corion]... I think one article per week or something like that, so he has the practice)
[choroba]choroba needs to remember we should chat about this face2face once it's possible again. Some of the stories are not suitable for the internets ;-)
[marto]speaking of 'research':
[Corion]choroba: :-D Maybe (maybe) we can organize an in-person small conference in autumn, and in Leipzig in 2022. If The Band decides to get together again, we might organize YAPC::EU 2022, but that is certainly in the stars still.
[Corion]marto: I assume that's the researchers introducing fake bugs, yeah, bad research IMO.
[Corion]I assume YAPC::EU 2022 will be vaccinated-only, but so will be most of the things in 2022.
[LanX]"On the Feasibility of Stealthily Introducing Vulnerabilities in Open-Source Software via Hypocrite Commits"
[Discipulus]choroba: worker where are cheaper, bank where are richer :)

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