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Re: Extract info from HTML

by demerphq (Chancellor)
on Nov 12, 2001 at 08:37 UTC ( [id://124742]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Extract info from HTML

Well, after a long night between you and Chmrr I learned something for sure.

I used HTML::TreeBuilder as suggested, and from the docs and some tinkering produced the following code. Its not at all more elegant than yours, nor arguably better, but whatever. Now I have no doubt that if I trawled the catacombs, or when blakem or a number of other people show up that theyll blow this all apart, but here goes anyway :-).

use warnings; use strict; use CGI qw(:standard :cgi-lib); use LWP::Simple; use HTML::TreeBuilder; sub find_node { my $node=shift; #well it might not be a font after all... my $hashref=shift; my $depth=shift; my @content=$node->content_list; return @content if (!ref($node) || uc($node->tag) ne "FONT"); my @tmp=$node->content_list; # Build a fingerprint of the node. Numeric as a minor optimization # -1 is text, # is the number of children the node has, so <br> ha +s none # (usually) my $depthprint=join(":",map{ref $_ ? scalar $_->content_list : -1} + @tmp); # This could be neater... my $fingerprint=join("<>",map{ref $_ ? $_->tag : $_ } @tmp); my ($node_id,$title,$date_node,$monk_node); if ($depthprint=~/^(1:0:)?-1:1:-1$/ && # the finger print to match $fingerprint=~/^(a<>br<>)? by <>a<> on [^<>]+$/i) { # the node + to match #ok, this is almost definately a node header if ($1) { #print $1; $node_id = CGI->new( $tmp[0]->attr('href')=~/\?(.*)/ )->pa +ram( 'node_id' ); $title = ( $tmp[0]->content_list )[0]; ($monk_node,$date_node)=@tmp[3,4]; } else { #so no a<>br<> at the start, means this is #probably the start of the nodes. go up and see if its #a td, if it is then its first child should be an h3 #if its not, at any point bail, if it is, then the content +s #of the h3 is the thread title #print "Start?"; my $parent=$node->parent; return @content if $parent->tag ne "td"; my @pcont=$parent->content_list; my $hdr=$pcont[0]; return @content if !$hdr || !ref($hdr) || $hdr->tag ne "h3 +"; $node_id=($hdr->content_list)[0]; $title=$node_id; ($monk_node,$date_node)=@tmp[1,2]; #print "Start!".$depth; } } else { return @content; } my $home_id = CGI->new( $monk_node->attr('href')=~/\?(.*)/ )->p +aram( 'node_id' ); my ($date) = ( $date_node=~/on (.*)/ ); my ($monkname) = $monk_node->content_list; # Build the hash. this could be more elegant # print "($depth) $date $title $monkname"; $hashref->{$monkname}->{$node_id}={date=>$date,title=>$title}; $hashref->{$monkname}->{Home}=$home_id; return; } sub recurse { my ($node,$hash,$depth)=@_; # depth first search, real simple, everything is loaded in the # hash. # # monkname->home->id # | # ->id->date->value #note id sorts by date doesnt it? # | # ->title->value ref($_) && recurse($_,$hash,$depth+1) foreach find_node($node,$hash,$depth); }; sub get_names_in_thread { my $id=shift; my $html; print "<p><STRONG>The posters from thread [id://$id]</STRONG><br>" +; if ($id) { my $url ="$id"; $html= get( $url) or die "can't get url $!"; } else { #for debugging warn "Using DATA"; local $/; $html=<DATA>; } my $tree = HTML::TreeBuilder->new(); $tree->parse($html); my $hash={}; recurse($tree,$hash,0); #everything here on is just formatting my @sorted=sort {$a->[1] cmp $b->[1]} map {my $key=lc($_); #For { Nule }.. Keeps the weirdos on one branch :-) $key=~s/[^[:alpha:]]/{/g; ["[id://$hash->{$_}->{Home}| $_ ]",$key]} keys %$hash; my %ltrs; foreach (@sorted) { my $ltr=substr($_->[1],0,1); $ltrs{$ltr}=[] if !exists $ltrs{$ltr}; push @{$ltrs{$ltr}},$_->[0]; } my $ret= "<ul>\n"; foreach (sort keys %ltrs) { $ret.="\t<li>\n"; $ret.="\t\t".join(" | ",@{$ltrs{$_}})."\n"; $ret.="\t</li>\n"; } return $ret."</ul>"; } print get_names_in_thread(110166); #123859 is big too __DATA__
which outputs:

The posters from thread Name Space

That was a lot of fun George_Sherston, I learned a lot. Thanks. (And BTW, I know I could have used more CGI tricks, but its been a long night, and I couldnt be bothered. Also some kind of recursion could be used to follow each reply looking for more replies, but, thats for another night :-).

Yves / DeMerphq
Have you registered your Name Space?
UPDATE: Fixed spelling of Chmrr

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