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Everything 2 Idea List

by developers (Initiate)
on Sep 22, 1999 at 00:38 UTC ( [id://124]=document: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??


  • mysql-like command line EDB interface
  • e2 synching w/ htmlcode and nodetypes (e2 <=> e2)
  • script to render a document structure to html pages (starting at default, and crawling it, saving each node as an html file)


  • embed nodes
  • Everything API
  • htmlcode list/descriptor
  • Create User Node


    Links are designed to provide a way to relate two nodes to each other. Links are created when users traverse from one node to another. However, not all links are "good" or wanted. We want to create a system where the less useful links die off.

    To do this, we will think of links as living organizms. Link get "food" by users searching or clicking on a link. Links use the food at some specified rate. If they run out of food, they starve to death and die.

    What this provides is a system where links live and die by how the users use the system. A kind of genetic algie. The links that live will, in general, be more useful as more users will use them. Less useful inks will evenually starve to death and go away. This way the system evolves to provide useful links as determined by the way the system is used.

    Link specifics

    • Searches give "bonus food" to a link. This gives trail blazing links a chance at becoming a usable related link. The bonus is a variable number that can be adjusted for different systems.
    • A clicked link gives 1 or more food units to the link every time a user clicks on it. This allows oft traveled links to stay healthy and even become popular.
    • Every so often (once a day?) the system goes through the links and subtracts X food units from each link. The "X" could be a fixed number, or calculated based on how many hits or food units were given out in that time period. This subtraction of food will eventually starve the less useful/popular links which will cause them to die off.
    • Links can be granted immortality by the maintainers of the system. Some links should not die off just because they are not popular. For example, Ken and Barbie should always be linked. That link should be granted immortality since it should never die off. It may not be listed in the most popular links list, but it will always be a link.
    • When displaying the most popular links, we should randomize their order so that the top link doesn't get all of the hits just because its the first in the list. This would force users to look through the list to find relevant items. Thus weeding out the nonsense "this link is popular because its first" crap. This would allow the less popular ones to die out easier since fewer people would click on them.


    Themes or "skins" allow users or system admins to set the look and feel of the site. The basic parameters that we could allow them to change are colors (bgcolor, text, etc) and perhaps even auto generate images.

    This could be a very powerful feature that would allow third parties to modify the site such that it resembles their site. This would allow them to link to our site while making the end user believe that they are still at their site. They get the exposure, we get the ad revenues.

    Also, this would allow us to change the look of a site instantly by modifying the theme of the site, which would be extremely useful when developing a new site. We may even want to allow users to specify a theme so they can make the site look how they want it to.

    User Notes

    User notes are kind of like alerts at etrade. Users can send notes to eachother. We could have an "note" nodelet that would tell the user when they have new notes. The user could then go to their user page and read the notes that they have, delete them, or even reply to them. We may want to implement notes as actual email. That would allow users to read their email from the site and send email to other sites, but that may be a little too much for right now. Just a thought...


  • Letting htmlcode operate as HTML as well as PERL
  • also, htmlcode should have a description
  • htmlcode groups?
  • Full nodetype functionality (restrict, extends, etc)
  • restrict dupes default ON
  • restrict searching on readable types
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