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Lexical scoping like a fox

by broquaint (Abbot)
on Nov 18, 2002 at 19:19 UTC ( #213855=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    { # beginning of lexical scope
      my $foo;
    } # end of lexical scope
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    { # begin lexical scope
     $foo is: a string
    $foo is: undefined
  3. or download this
    my $ref;
    { # begin lexical scope
    $ref refers to: something in a lexical scope
    $foo is: undefined
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        my $foo = "a lexical variable";
     $bar is: a package variable
    $foo is: undefined
    $bar is: a package variable
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    use strict;
    my $foo = "defined";
    foo is undef during BEGIN phase
    foo is defined at runtime
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    my $foo = "in's lexical file scope";
    print "\$foo is: ", (defined $foo ? $foo : "undefined"), $/;
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    perl -e 'require ""; \
             print "\$foo is: ", (defined $foo ? $foo : "undefined"), $/;'
    $foo is: in's lexical file scope
    $foo is: undefined
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    sub foo
    { # begin lexical scope
    $x in foo() is: a string
    $x in bar() is: undefined
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    open(SRC, $0) or die("ack: $!");
    my @lines = <SRC>;
    bareword found: print
    $w is: undefined
    $line is: undefined
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    ## otherwise $r would be auto-vifified as a package global
    use strict;
    Global symbol "$r" requires explicit package name at - line 1.
    Execution of - aborted due to compilation errors.
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    my $foo = "file scope";
      $foo is: inner scope
     $foo is: outer scope
    $foo is: file scope
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    my @list = qw(a list of words);
    for my $w (@list) {
    list: begins with a consonant
    of: begins with a vowel
    words: begins with a consonant
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    sub foo {
        print " \$x is: $x\n";
     $x is: altered state
    $x is: original state
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    { # begin lexical scope
     $x is: auto-vivified
    $x is: undefined
    $main::{x} is: *main::x
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    use IO::File;
    print "\$foo is: ", (defined $foo ? $foo : "undefined"), $/;
    a, comma, separated, list, of, words
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      package foo;
     $x is: in foo
    $foo::x is: in foo
  17. or download this
    ## set stricture checking for the rest of the file scope
    use strict;
        return $count;

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