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Collapsing smaller scripts into a larger one, request for comment

by Lady_Aleena (Curate)
on May 29, 2020 at 17:35 UTC ( #11117478=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    # This is the index for Collections.
    Welcome to Lady Aleena's B<collections>, which is lists of A<novels|hr
    +ef="">, A<books|href="">, A<music|href="Music">, A<movies|href="">, A<tie-ins|href="Tie-ins">, and A<programs|href=""> I am willing to admit I own
    + or use. The list of movies here is just those movies I own and shoul
    +d not to be confused with my more general interest in A<movies|href="
    +../Movies">. Tie-ins are books and music connected to movies or telev
    +ision series. I also share my A<fandom|href="../Fandom"> elsewhere.
    Here is a key for the notations after each title with the exception of
    + programs.
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    use strict;
    This is my B<fiction collection> of SPAN<hardcovers|^hardcovers^>, SPA
    +N<trade paperbacks|^trades^>, and SPAN<mass market paperbacks|^massma
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    use strict;
    This is my B<movie collection> of SPAN<blu-rays|^brds^>, SPAN<DVDs|^dv
    +ds^>, and SPAN<VHSs|^vhss^>.
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    use strict;
    This is my B<music and comedy collection> of SPAN<LPs|^lps^>, SPAN<45s
    +|^ffs^>, SPAN<cassettes|^cassettes^>, and SPAN<CDs|^cds^>. If it is n
    +ot on a CD, I have not heard it in a long long time. SPAN<&#9785;|cla
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    use strict;
    This is a list of B<programs> that I am using or have used. I can not 
    +account for I<all> the software we have had and used over the years. 
    +Some of it was so bad, we blanked it out of our heads. This list does
    + not include a full list of hardware drivers either. So much software
    +, so little time or in this case patience.
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    use strict;
    This is my film and television B<tie-in collection>.
    For books: SPAN<hardcovers|^hardcovers^>, SPAN<trade paperbacks|^trade
    +s^>, and SPAN<mass market paperbacks|^massmarkets^>.
    For music: SPAN<CDs|^cds^>, SPAN<cassettes|^cassettes^>, SPAN<45s|^ffs
    +^>, and SPAN<LPs|^lps^>.
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    # This is the index for Collections.
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    sub base_menu {
      my %opt = @_;
      return @file_lines > 0 ? \@file_lines : undef;

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