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What does this mean for the Perl6 DBI? It's supposed to be based on JDBC - an API.

Does anyone know if the Oracle-vs-Google thing is having an impact on that?

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Re^2: Copyright on languages
by sundialsvc4 (Abbot) on May 07, 2012 at 23:29 UTC

    I would cautiously offer the frank opinion that it doesn’t matter, and for (at least) the following two very-frank reasons:

    • Perl-6 doesn’t matter.   If it ever does come to see the light of day, it will be, and it will be regarded as, “The Entirely New Language Also Coincidentally Named ‘Perl.’”   If it happens to contain its own built-in database API, then it is even more insufficient than its erstwhile decade-old predecessor, which supports many by intrinsically supporting none.   And let us be frank:   do we actually need Yet Another Procedural Programming Language, even if we decide for some reason to call it, “Also Perl?”   Methinks not.
    • There’s no money in it.   Google didn’t actually do anything that it actually did for any other reason other than to steal away the need for royalty checks.   Copyright arguments are being pressed into service, I think, because they seem to someone to be the best legal theory that they have come up with yet, whether or not they actually apply.   If Google can sweep the wind out of anyone else’s incentive to pay money to Oracle for what Oracle did first, then Google will have succeeded.   But Perl-6 isn’t even in that ocean.   Perl-6 is very frankly nowhere.   In any case, it is in no danger.