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I like Asimov's building of the worlds and concepts, but every single one of the books I read (with was mainly the foundation triogy and some short stories) ended with:

Ahah, I got you!

Ahah, ahah, you only think you got me, I got you!

Ahah ahah2, ..., ahahn! ad naseum

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Re^2: Was Stephen Byerley a robot?
by Ea (Chaplain) on Dec 22, 2010 at 11:25 UTC
    Yes, but I really enjoyed that type of funning in a very short story about a starship torn apart by tidal forces around a neutron star and he goes on to describe how one of the few barely identifiable pieces must have been a wrench from the engineer's toolbox - indeed it was a star-mangled spanner.

    Not a huge fan but, twenty-five years on and it still makes me smile.

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      That story was written by Arthur C Clarke, not Asimov. And, I believe the basic idea was taken from the short story 'Neutron Star' by Larry Niven. I doubt he would have hesitated to give Niven credit, as the only apparent reason for the story was just to set up that line. I think SF writers love puns more than writers in any other genre...