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Who has the advantage? Is the Web Developer more important than the Web Designer (does the functonality mean more than the graphics), or is it the other way around, or are they equally important? Also, does their importance vary depending upon perspective? (i.e. Might the site owner hold functionality higher and a site viewer hold aesthetic quality higher?)

How do you separate the two edges of a sword? If you do, is it still a sword? Capable of doing swordlike things? Look at the target audience. Are they more into cutting or slashing?

There also is the point of the sword. The information architect. A woefully underutilized job function that would make things so much sharper (but i don't want to get off on a rant).

Also don't forget that without someone to wield the sword, to direct it's actions, it won't be doing much anyway (unless someone falls on it).
The more skilled wielder will always get better results even if one of the sides is dull.