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It sounds pretty impressive, but when I go to download the code, it seems to be incomplete, missing the Tk stuff, and leaving xpms. Can you put it all together in one piece and put it on a website somewhere? I don't really feel like putting together these 4 parts, hoping to get it right.

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Re^2: "Rubics Cube" game
by tos (Deacon) on Mar 05, 2008 at 18:12 UTC
    Sorry, but the limitation to 64kb/node constrained me to part the source. But also with the 4 parts there is no principally problem. I've tested it. Concatenate the 4 parts and the md5sum should be 81b7f0a98394acd86d51132094c20835.

    of course you need

    I'll try to put the whole thing onto another website.

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