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The link followed is the url given in the form-Tag. The strCatID is simply one value supplied in the form.

Question is: what do you want to achiev? A general robot won't be able to follow those links easily. A specialised is no big deal to write.


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Re^2: crawling past a javascript submit function
by hashED (Novice) on Sep 08, 2007 at 11:03 UTC
    Specialized! Specialized! The form tag is:

    <form name="contract_cat_index1" id="contract_cat_index1" action="/cscr/contract_ads/display/contract_subcat_index.asp?GUID=" method="post">

    When I copy and paste that link, I get "Missing data required to display the requested web page." Of course. Because then I'm not posting. I think I see what to do, and I'm gonna fiddle for a bit... just gotta get over to my other machine.

    I'm still not sure what the parameters for do_POST should be, but I think I can figure it out through trial and error. If you know a better way, please advise.

      You simply have to find all input elements inside the form and supply all the information needed.

      OTOH: There are modules that help you. I think WWW::Mechanize is one of those.