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(Photo taken in either Molokini or Borocay. I was trying to have my picture taken with a pair of Manta birostris - only one is seen fading in the murky background. They were flying slowly, but still too fast for me to keep up.)
As a physician, Perl is not my trade, but my tool. Perl is not my career, but my advantage. Although I have been a programmer since childhood (the usual Basic, Assembly, Fortran, C), I no longer have the time or the need to reach the level of Perl of a sysadmin programmer. I'll leave that to my fellow Perl Monks. However, I will use my Perl in clinical research, patient care, and other medical and scientific research applications. That is why I am glad to be here and I am grateful to the PerlMonks that can help. I encourage all medical and life-science people starting out with Perl to stick with it, and to use Perl as a powerful tool in scientific discovery and new advancements. Having said all that, I am happy to have reached Monk status within my first 2 weeks of joining!

My Education and Research Background
  • Internal Medicine residency, Western Reserve Care,Ohio
  • M.D. from the University of the East, 1999
  • B.S. in Nuclear Engineering and Bioengineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1993. Yes, that included reactors and rockets, but I wanted to focus on isotopes and the biological effects of radiation.
  • Some of my most rewarding medical training was done in the private and public hospitals in Manila, which included government neurosurgical trauma centers, major infectious disease centers, and medical-surgical charity missions to underdeveloped areas. And when I say underdeveloped, I mean kids with no pants and no shoes living in the city's mountains of trash heaps.
  • Pharmacological research investigating Mahogany seed extract as an alternative anxiolytic, University of the East. Did it work? It did, at least for the Mus musculus.
  • Graduate work and Endocrinology/Diabetes research involving C-peptide analysis at the Chicago Medical School and North Chicago VA MC. A lot of relational databases for this one.
  • Surface chemistry data retrieval and analysis, Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois. But I used C for this one.

My Main Perl work
  • Medical Informatics Project at the Clinical Center of the National Institutes of Health, near Washington, DC (No longer involved with the project).
  • Sabel Systems-sponsored three-tiered linux/solaris server-monitoring application involving database work, data analysis, and data graphical output, which will eventually be ported for medical, patient care, and/or scientific research purposes.
  • LinuxLobe
  • Groundswell Hawaii Surf Company (Link temporarily disabled) - my friends in Hawaii own the real actual Hawaiian surf shop and trademarked brand, I did their online catalog (pure Perl). I didn't get a cent for this job, but they send me a shirt every now and then.Check them out - the only other place to get a Groundswell product is to go to Hawaii.