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Last update: Dec 04, 2020 at 09:50 UTC
[Corion]Corion finds a epitaph for his upcoming Perl dev release. Now I just have to translate it to English, and shorten it to a single paragraph :)
[Discipulus]mood gorning!
[hippo]I hope you mean epigram?
[Discipulus]or exergue?
[marto]Good morning all, TCIF
[hippo]Has it snowed with you, marto?
[marto]we has some Wednesday night, some yesterday, but it is just an icy mess now. how about you?
[hippo]Too warm here yet - barely even a frost. Next few days might get interesting though.
[marto]I had a roofer lined up to do some work yesterday, sadly that fell through due to the weather
[hippo]Good roofers don't fall through. Thank you, thank you ... I'm here all week.
[hippo]hippo clearly needs more coffee.