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Even though the Perl parser sees that as Pod and ignores it, it's important to advise people that it's not proper Pod and may behave unexpectedly with some Pod parsers now or in the future. For a single paragraph (no blank lines), a Pod =for directive would work as well (though with slightly more to type.)

=for comment A hash named $requestParams is created containing all the data needed for the http transaction. This data is then stored in $self->RequestParams, and no further data is needed. =cut


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Re^3: Multi-line comments in perl code?
by Anonymous Monk on Nov 12, 2014 at 06:12 UTC
    Thanks a ton :) I am a beginner in Perl and i use a lot of comments while learning how to use Perl.It was easy in java to add comments. But in Perl i didn't know how to add multi-lined comments. Thanks again!