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I'm not too familiar with Archive::Tar, but this sounds like it could be a permission or path problem. When run by cron, does the tarball get created where you expect it? If so, does it get to the same size every time? Are you sure that you are running the script as the same user from the command line and from cron?

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Re^2: perl script and cron
by snyder (Initiate) on Mar 23, 2006 at 21:16 UTC
    the cron script runs as root, I run the script form consol as SU (root) and the file size is the same everytime (6 tries). When cron runs it it is 1k and exactly where it is supposed to be localy and remotely. When I run from consol it does exactly as it should. tarball is 60 megs and where is should be localy and remotely.