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At least you're consistent in your hatred of me. {grin}

And I would have told you this in /msg, but you're ignoring me.

There's a psychological phenomenon known as "projection", where you see faults in others that you have worked out the least for yourself. Since you, exussum0, paint me very differently from most, I'm going to have to say that this says more about you than about me. I'm listening carefully for something that can be confirmed in a majority of other observations, but I seem to hear it from a small minority that includes you (and maybe one or two others).

You already strike me as somone with a chip on your shoulders about getting an unfair treatment from the world, as I suggested before. And it doesn't surprise me that when I touch on that magic "self responsibility" area that you light up again.

Well, let me say to that that I know a lot of people that believe that the world "out there" controls how they feel "in here", and I know a lot of people (smaller group, but still significant) that believe that it's not that way, and as a whole, the latter group are happier, healthier, more full of life, and more productive.

So, that's your choice to live the way you choose. I would not take that away from you. But please consider what it is costing you.

-- Randal L. Schwartz, Perl hacker
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