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Here's a simple file-type reporter based on File::Type, and of course our wierd friend, File::Find:

use strict; use warnings; use File::Type; use File::Find; find( sub { -f && print "$_\t => ", File::Type->new()->checktype_filename($_), $/ for $File::Find::name; }, scalar(@ARGV) ? @ARGV : './' );

It's a little concise; I was trying to have some fun with it. One hint: The 'for' clause is used to alias $_ to $File::Find::name so that I wouldn't have to keep typing it all over the place. Also, since I only use $obj->checktype_filename() once, I chose to not store the object's ref in a variable, but rather, just dereference the return value of File::Type->new(). ...a couple of golf tricks that didn't seem to hurt readability too much.


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Re^2: tree backup script - file type problem
by barathbr (Scribe) on Sep 09, 2004 at 21:05 UTC
    Thanks david, I will just try it out with the snippet that you have written here. I think this in tandem with the netresource module should just do the job for me ...