sub findJob { while($seemsLikeForever) { if($jobUses eq 'only MicroShaft products') { cry("like a baby!"); }elsif($jobUses eq 'planning on Open Source some day, but currentl +y MS') { cry("whine like spoiled child."); }elsif($jobUses eq 'Java on Windows') { cry("I can live with it"); }elsif($jobUses eq 'Perl on Linux') { cry("hallelujah"); }else { cry("they have lost their way") } } if($live eq "yes") { return(findJob("let's do it again")) #recursive call }else { return($dust) } }


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Re: My Next Job
by bart (Canon) on Jul 12, 2004 at 21:48 UTC
    == compares numerically, so if $jobUses is numerically zero, all tests will return true. Hmm... maybe there's a hidden meaning in that... but anyway, IMO you'd better have used eq, at least for technical reasons.
      Good suggestion thank you