Greetings Monks,

Our brother ysth posted this yesterday, but I'm not sure how many people noticed it, or if many people knew what QOTW stood for. (As I'm a friar now, quite undeservedly, and am still growing into the XP I have, please go upvote ysth's node, not this one-- he posted it first.)

I've been getting these simple quizes for a couple of weeks, now, and I think Dominus is providing an invaluable service to the community, and I would like very much to see it continue.

What he's asking for is people to read through the proposed answers and format them into a solutions report for the subscribers of the list. Unfortunately, I'm not at a level of perl mastery where I could do this, nor do I have a computer at home just now. But for others who are looking for a learning opportunity, or a way to give back while growing a lot in the process, I encourage you to check this out. I know in the past people have sometimes asked about "projects" to help them learn-- I encourage anyone like that to check out the archived past quizes and their solutions here. That's what I have been/ am in the process of doing.