Item Description: A Perlish and efficient module for XML processing

Review Synopsis: review by the author

Full disclosure: I am the author of the module!


XML::Twig is a module designed for efficient processing of XML.

XML::Twig offers tree as well as stream based processing. It allows loading only parts of the document in order to keep memory requirements to a minimum.

XML::Twig is very Perlish: fast, efficient and it offers many different ways to perform a task.

Why use XML::Twig?

Why NOT use XML::Twig?

Additional information

You can get more information in the documentation., or in the tutorial, a Quick Reference is also available. Kip Hampton also wrote about it in Using XML::Twig on

A list of nodes that include examples of using XML::Twig:

Personal Notes

I use XML::Twig a lot ;--)

It might have some problems with mod_perl, I have not tested it in that environment

Suggestion, bug reports, comments welcome!