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Maybe JavaDoc would be helpful? (Despite its name, applicable to languages other than Java.)

See Re^5: Doc Generator.

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Re: Re: Doc Generator
by nofernandes (Beadle) on Aug 05, 2003 at 17:19 UTC

    Hmm.. do you mean that i can use the javadoc format in for example a C++ program and then execute the javadoc filename.c? And then i get the html documentation?

        :) I thougth so.. because i was reading the javadoc manual and i didnīt find anything saying that! So i went and try it!!

        Thank you once again for your help


        In that case, it migth be interesting if i explore that option.

        Thank you for your help!


        I tried to do that (ex: javadoc hello.pc) with a comment like this:

        /** * Hello * How are you **/

        But it generated a html file with nothing on it! Why? What am i doing wrong?