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A better problem description is necessary. Do you just want to find any pair of items with no similar numbers? Do you want to continue to find them after the first one? If so, can you use the same item in multiple matches? Assuming the answers to the questions are yes, yes, and no, here's a basic skeleton for your code, using dragonchild's above subroutine

for(my $i=0; $i<@array; $i++) { next if(!$array[$i]); for(my$j=0; $j<@array; $j++) { next if($i == $j); next if(!$array[$j]); if(is_ok($array[$i], $array[$j]) { print "Found a match, $array[$i], $array[$j]"; $array[$i] = $array[$j] = ""; } } }
edit: originally had next if(!$i) and next if(!$j) which dragonchild pointed out to me. Corrected above (next if(!$array[$i]))