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Try passing your array as a ref to your sub:

my @info; my $button_submit = $lf->Button( -text => 'Search', -command => [\&get_data, \@info], )->pack(qw//);
...this should pass the \@info ref into your get_data sub. You can also add your Tk widget as another parameter and call configure on that ref.
my @info; my $button_submit = $lf->Button( -text => 'Search', -command => [\&get_data, \@info, $TkWidget], )->pack(qw//); ... sub get_data { my ($info_ref, $tkwidget_ref) = @_; # add/delete/modify elements of $info_ref # call configure on the widget $tkwidget_ref->configure(...); }

This is the method I use when I want to modify a data structure using a callback.

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