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I'm helping out with a project that is using Perl from server-side includes on an NT box running IIS.

Damn. You're probably really close to being able to invert the structure, and turn the HTML into a template. But that won't help your performance issue unless you can run mod_perl.

Is this something you could use PerlScript for? You'd be getting some Cookie- and form-handling for free, and might be able to avoid (or a lighter alternative) entirely.

The Perl-Win32-ASP FAQ has details.

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Re: Re: lighter alternative to
by perrin (Chancellor) on Aug 29, 2002 at 21:04 UTC
    There are a few thousand .htm files using this SSI approach, and changing them all to .asp would be a big deal here. They're URLs that have existed for a long time and shouldn't be changed if possible.

    How I long for the flexibility of Apache right now...