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While I'm interested in stats, I'm not insistant. But I do want to point out an important part of BBQ's post, "The other day a new monk walked into our Monastery and asked a question in the Chatterbox. There were plenty of helpful monks online that guided the Initiate through regex (I think that's what it was). Right before leaving, he dropped a line: "Thanx guys! Your site rocks! Keep it free."" I think that this is best aspect of this site. The people who frequent it, quickly trying to get questions answered, and making sure we answer correctly. Good job everyone.

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RE: RE: Stats on our PerlMonks
by BBQ (Deacon) on Jun 09, 2000 at 18:27 UTC
    Ah! I almost forgot... I think I remember what the case was by the way. The guy(?) wasn't getting any error messages from backticking an rsh command, and the app wasn't behaving as expected. I think it was myself and swiftone that told him to inspect $? and $! respectively and that unfolded an error coming from the rsh command he was running.

    This is way off topic now, but I just thought someone might be still be wondering.

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