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I think that what you're really looking for is a hash-based solution. If you were to tie() a hash using the DB_File module (if indeed this is a real MONSTER of a file), this would use the disk rather than memory (correct me if I'm wrong, most wise monks!).

Perhaps something like
open(FILE, "< /var/log/everything") or die "Could not read file: $!"; while($input=<FILE>){ if($input =~ /fwa/i){ $tied_hash_ref->{ lc($input) }++; } }
Notice that I've used lc() to lower-case the text in the line. Otherwise the hash would contain separate values for "fwa100" vs "FWA100" vs "fWa100". Remove this if you desire to keep them separate.

You could then iterate over this tied hash, printing the key/value pairs. Though to be honest, I've not had a great need for DB_File much, and would welcome other monks to contribute usage examples. ;)