in reply to Rampant Frontpaging

Personally, I like to see a lot of stuff hit the front page. I would rather see the front page see a lot of activity and new nodes than become stagnant. I think that anything that's been on the front page for 24-48 hours should be moved off and that new nodes should come in and replace it, and that it should be difficult to get the same post onto the front page twice.

The front page should be dynamic and interesting, not necessarily the best of the best nodes, but anything that's worth looking at that's different.

While the argument that people who aren't really active on the site won't see much other than the front page is relevant. I think that it's also relevant to say that nobody would buy the New York Times if the front page was always the same, and that new users would see the site as stangnant and disinteresting if they came and never saw anything new.

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