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So what I'm reading is that you're saying is "Hey, that was a horrible thing, just don't do it again." The U.S. shouldn't defend itself? The U.S. shouldn't try to bring these people to justice? What should we do? Have a big camp fire, hold hands and sing songs?

Beyond the obvious reprocussions of not doing anything, we have a right, by basic international law, to go after those involved.

As far as good vs. evil, do you deny that hijacking 4 planes, slitting the throats of some on borad and then crashing the planes into civilian buildings is an evil action? How about blowing up embassies? What about the slew of other horrific things he's done or planned to do? How can you say that this is not an evil person? If an American did any of these things to Iraq, I'd be horrified. I don't use the word 'evil' loosely, but I'd define someone as evil if they have a complete disregard for human life. I think he fits the bill.

I feel there's far too many countries that want to stick their head in the sand and hope that all the bad things are just going to go away. Look at WWII closely, The same thing happened there. "Oh.. you're going to stop with Czechoslovakia? OK then. Oh.. now you're going to stop with Yugoslavia? OK.. as long as you don't take any more."

And I'll leave you with this thought. Though your country will not support the U.S., feel comforted by the fact that the next time your country is in financial trouble, you're threatened by an agressor or there's anything else you ask for help with, the U.S. will be there.


ps - I'm sorry for the harsh tone, but I'm just so tired of complacincy, fearfull fence sitting and other countries who only pretend to be our friends.

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by pmas (Hermit) on Sep 18, 2001 at 10:07 UTC
    Beyond the obvious reprocussions of not doing anything, we have a right, by basic international law, to go after those involved.

    Basic international law says, IMHO to bring case in Internation Court in Hague, netherland. And I thing it is right thing to do - maybe after US commandos will bring Osama and couple other there. Even if innocent life will get lost in this action, I will applaud US restrain.

    I know american tradition was, when settlers came into new teritory, to set laws and enforce them right there. I understand how hard is to show restraint now, when it hurts. But - do we (western civilization) have another option? Do we want to prove to Osama and his evil companions that for USA killing millions of innocent does not mean a lot, because they are "just muslims", not worth as much as US own people?

    Germany is especially concerned, because they have huge muslim minority, and racist attack are more often that here (sorry if I misintepret is, felow monks from germany). I think it will be wonderful if Germany (after being involved in staring two wars) will be able to prevent the third...

    World as we knew it ended 9/11. We should hope we can still prevent "holy war" between muslim and western civilizations...

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