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Thanks for your work jdporter,

for sure is a good thing, not to roll back. It would be possible to message all members when something is added, ie not only when a reply is to one of your post?


PS I tried to reply to the janitors thread and I got Tough beans. is still an experiment?


No chance.. if both I click on Comment on.. or on Reply to yuor first message in the janitors aka Re: janitors I can preview the page but on submit I receive permission denied Tough beans. message.


PPPS 5th June '19

Finally it works, thanks!

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Re^2: New Feature: Usergroup-Private Discussion Threads
by jdporter (Chancellor) on Jun 03, 2019 at 20:16 UTC

    Try again. And if it fails, tell me exactly where.

      It fails ("permission denied") for me too, after Preview -> Create.

        Ok; Please try again. I appreciate your assistance and patience. :-)