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Loops, GrandFather, and Corion, I'm embarrassed. I't is me. You all could not see my screen, so you could not see what the problem turned out to be.

I don't know why, but the explorer.exe was showing different dates for the 2 directories and I did not notice it. Maybe I changed these dates and forgot it. The creation date was being shown for the stage directory and the modified date for the KY directory. I changed the date shown on explorer window showing the creation date to the modified date and all became clear. I reran all diagnostics and everything is OK.

I should have noticed this because explorer.exe showed 'date' for the creation date and 'modified date' for that date as explorer file list headers. I leave the monastery with drooped shoulders and ask your forgiveness for wasting your time. I'm going to stand in the corner for awhile.

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Re^3: comparing 2 file time date stamps
by Loops (Curate) on Nov 07, 2014 at 18:37 UTC

    Well the other monks put much more time into helping you than I did, but my guess is that they too will understand. Often when you're in these situations your mind is racing looking for solutions; you're too distracted to notice simple things. If you can catch yourself in these moments, and recheck your assumptions, i've found it's often helpful.

    In any case, glad you can put this one behind you. Chin up and carry on. ;o)