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Yes, TIMTOWDI, but do not forget: perl's concept of freedom is to give you enough rope to hang yourself.

Look, many experienced members of our community can see that you are going to hang yourself, and they ask you friendly is this is your real intention, or just misunderstanding. And what are you doing? Your answer is: "No time to free my neck out of loop, too busy make loop fit and tightening it"...;-) ... Should we stop you? We are trying...;-)

I am rather experienced programmer in other languages -- not in perl though... :( When I learned that perl by default will autodefine variables for me (before I learned about use strict I was scared, and I actively looked for -w and use strict from my first day of reading Camel book, because I know too well how easy is to misspell variable name. You are not afraid yet - because you did not spent hours staring at code looking for an error, and then another hour banging your head aginst wall how stupid you were to make this stupid mistake. No problem, they are coming your way...;-)

To make errors is human. But to make million errors per second, you need a computer.