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Some time ago, someone here at PM showed a pretty cool way to select a random line from a long file. Basically, as you read the file, you store the line if rand gives you a value lower than 1 / (line number). I tried to generalize it here:

#!/usr/bin/perl # # <FName> <NumSamples> use 5.10.1; use strict; use warnings; use autodie; my @samples; my $FName = shift // die "missing: <filename> <numsamples>"; my $num = shift // die "missing: <numsamples>"; open my $FH, '<', $FName; while (<$FH>) { if ($num/$. > rand) { my $i = @samples; if ($i > $num) { $i = rand @samples; } #print "slot $i, size=" . scalar(@samples) . ", line $.\n"; $samples[$i]=[ $., $_ ]; } } print "random samples:\n"; print $$_[1] for sort { $$a[0] <=> $$b[0] } @samples;

I haven't tested it extensively: It works, but I haven't convinced myself that it doesn't have a bias yet. Anyway, the little testing I did was first to generate a file with a million lines in it, and run it a few times:

$ perl -e 'print "$_\n" for 1 .. 1000000' >a_million_lines marco@Boink:/Work/Tools/SQL/parser $ perl a_million_lines 10 random samples: 29748 135818 143918 164669 216447 245165 267754 404776 419876 487740 893947 marco@Boink:/Work/Tools/SQL/parser $ perl a_million_lines 10 random samples: 163918 434324 435340 534748 596221 611074 677311 682939 719979 842687 998139

There may be a "bias" in it, in that there may be a preference for one end or the other. I haven't played with it enough to determine whether it has a bias, nor figured out a way to correct it if it does. Anyway, the changes I made to adapt the algorithm are rather simple: Instead of having a probability of 1/(line number) as the indicator whether to keep a line, I use (desired num samples)/(line number) as a flag to store the line. Then I select a random slot in the @samples array to stuff the line into (after we gather enough samples to fill @samples).

I hope you find it useful.


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