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Hello Perlmonks. A while ago I began work on a Multi User Dungeon, but since then I have decided to cut out the "Dungeon" elements and go with a purely survival theme.

#!/usr/bin/perl use warnings; if ($diff = easy){ $wood = 120; } elsif ($diff = hard){ $wood = 75; } if ($diff = easy){ $food = 50; } elsif ($diff = hard){ $food = 20; } $maxRNG = 6; $RNG = rand($maxRNG); NAME: print "May I have your name please?\n"; chomp($name = <>); print "Thank you $name.\n"; sleep 1; system("clear"); goto DIFFICULTY; DIFFICULTY: print "Please enter a difficulty level: easy, or hard.\n"; chomp($diff = <>); print "you chose $diff.\n"; sleep 1; system("clear"); goto BEGIN; BEGIN: print "You have crash landed on a strange alien planet and must find a + way to get back to earth.\n"; goto PTURN; PTURN: print "\n"; print "You have $wood wood and $food food.\n"; print "You can:\n"; if($wood = 10){ print "BUILD a HUT with 10 wood\n"; }

As you can see I have set the amount of $wood to a selection in $diff. But this is not working. When I run it, I enter hard and it keeps the amount at 120. What am I doing wrong?