Testing Opera and Android browsers is easy because emulators are provided on Linux. The iPhone emulator only runs on MacOS X so I have had to look at online emulators for testing. In addition, I have never owned or used an iPhone so I have no baseline of comparison for what should and should not function properly.

I tried iphone4simulator dot com first. Here is a portrait and landscape of the current PM. Looks normal enough so far, then I tried /bare/ and that is when the breakage appears. In both portrait bare and landscape bare mode the page background is grey instead of white. I am pretty sure this is an emulator bug because the other one I tried did not have this issue.

testiphone dot com is the other site I tried. It only does only portrait mode but the portrait bare version works fine. Now with this inconsistent behavior and no access to an iPhone I am asking the monks at large for help answering the following questions: