After going to the Perl Film Festival and listening to WPERL, the Perl radio station, a monk can get mighty hungry, so why not stop off at the Perl Diner?

Sit down and chomp on some Perl delectables. This is no time to work on your abs. (Be sure to wash your hands before eating, and use SOAP;)

# say grace bless $this, "Meal"; %browns; my @eggs; for ( 1..10 ) { my ($x,$y) = rand @eggs, rand @eggs; @eggs[$x,$y] = @eggs[$y,$x]; } sub sandwich; @soup = split( //, $p ); chop $pork; write KRISPIE; write KRISPIE; write KRISPIE;
And no, we don't serve java.
Highlight below for the answers....
Hash browns

scrambled eggs

sub sandwich

split pea soup

pork chop

writes krispies (Don't hit me, please)

<megaphone> Throw down the gun and tiara and come out of the float! </megaphone>