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The purpose of Java's existence is to act as a bait to attract users to sell some business. That is how it always was, Sun wanted to sell its servers on that basis. Then it was mobile, set-top boxes and things like that. The issue turned out to be something like this. Before the iPhone Java on mobile really sucked, and Sun was struggling to make good money out of Java.

Sun was throwing insane money at Java, to develop it, to keep it popular, provide IDE's, frameworks, libraries and everything else. At the same time the whole world was using Java to make money, while Sun itself couldn't. This wasn't making Sun look good.

Post iPhone, Java on Android became the next big thing and Oracle thinks it finally found a way to milk money out of Java. Oracle isn't going to stop. This is not going to end. Either Java will be a paid platform or there will be no Java. It doesn't make any business sense for Oracle to pump money into Java's future while they can't money out of it. No organization can make that business case to its investors and stockholders.

One way or other, expect heavy turbulence and problems in the Java world, Until Oracle finds some way of making money out of it.