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Hi Monk,
I have a cgi perl script in which I have the following HTML form data embedded. Please let me know how can I retrieve the "StatusFilterSelect" value through cgi object

<form name="frmStatusFilter" method="GET" action=" +:8010/cgi-bin/"> Choose Filter:<select name="StatusFilterSelect" onChange="frmStatusFil +ter.submit()"> <option>Show with status</option> <option>Show all</option> </select> </form>

I am trying with the following, but not working Please help. Thanks in advance.

my $q = new CGI; my $status = $q->param('StatusFilterSelect'); $q->html("status is $status"); ## not showing any value

$status is not showing anything. Please assume I am not making any syntax error. Is this how to extract the value in chi perl. Is my approach right?