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Question... I am new to perl(about a month or so) and i have finished the Learning Perl for Win32...where else, in your opinion, should i go to further my learning for perl in retrospect to being able to apply it on my NT/2k machines. I bought "Windows NT - Win32 Perl Programming: The Standard Extensions" and it is a little more advanced in programming. Maybe i guess...i am looking for...something that will keep going in progression...kinda like how the Learning Perl book does...learn a little something new and test my knowledge on it with everything that i previously learned as well. I am able to apply scripts that i find or other people provide for me as examples by tweeking them, but i probably would not be able to get there by myself. Does that make sense? This may be a lot of jarble..but since you do program for NT/2k environment, i figured you would be a good person to ask. Any advice would be much appreciated. As i am always open to listen. thnx ~Ray~