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I'm using 0.07017 of DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader, and I'm confused by its output for two tables with a FK relationship.

Here are excerpts of two related tables, List and Notification. Notification is a subtable of List, with a proper FK in the (Postgres) database, and it's defined as ON DELETE CASCADE in the DB. These snippets were from the files generated by ::Loader.

# from TT/Schema/ __PACKAGE__->has_many( "notification", "TT::Schema::Notification", { "foreign.listid" => "self.listid", "foreign.ltype" => "self.ltype" + }, { cascade_copy => 0, cascade_delete => 0 }, ); # from TT/Schema/ __PACKAGE__->belongs_to( "list", "TT::Schema::List", { listid => "listid", ltype => "ltype" }, { is_deferrable => 1, on_delete => "CASCADE", on_update => "CASCADE" + }, );

The DBIx::Class docs say

By default, DBIx::Class cascades deletes across has_many, has_one and might_have relationships. You can disable this behaviour on a per-relationship basis by supplying cascade_delete => 0 in the relationship attributes. The cascaded operations are performed after the requested delete, so if your database has a constraint on the relationship, it will have deleted/updated the related records or raised an exception before DBIx::Class gets to perform the cascaded operation.
which I take to mean that cascade_delete should be false if the database is going to take care of the deleting for us. In this case, it will, because there's a foreign key from notification up to list with ON DELETE CASCADE. But then why is on_delete=>'CASCADE'?

It seems to me that the cascade_delete in the should be set to 1, to match the on_delete => 'CASCADE' in the Or, that they should be 0 and undef, respectively. But I would think they should match.

Am I misunderstanding something? Or is DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader not building my schema correctly?