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if (($english && $foreign) eq '-1') {

The expression $english && $foreign will evaluate to either true (1) or false ("") but will never be equal to '-1'.

sub hash_processor::function () { my ($english, $foreign, $process) = @_;

Your prototype says that the subroutine accepts no arguments but the next line says that your subroutine does accept three arguments.    You shouldn't use prototypes.

You are using package names but I don't see where you are creating a package namespace.

if ($process == '0') {

That is usually written as $process == 0 or $process eq '0' depending on whether $process contains a string or a number.

$english = "$english" . "$hash_processor::tag_count"; $foreign = "$foreign" . "$hash_processor::tag_count";

That is usually written as:

$english .= $hash_processor::tag_count; $foreign .= $hash_processor::tag_count;