in reply to WPERL: The Perl radio station

I do hope WPERL plays old blues tune like:

my @trail =('hellhound','hellhound'); package vain; use vars qw($love @love %love); $night = 'dark'; undef $night; my $bad_sign; $born++; my $broom = new Blues; $broom->dust(); package Y; use 5.6; our $funeral; my $trial;

and other stuff like:

@stuff = ('jams', 'hams', 'rams'); shift @stuff;


  • Hellounds on my trail (R. Johnson)
  • All my love in vain (R. Johnson)
  • Dark was the night (Blind Willie Johnson)
  • Dust my broom (R. Johnson)
  • (Y::)our funeral my trial (Sonny Boy Williamson)
  • Kick out the Jams (MC5)
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