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Hello Monks,

Here's my story. I want to create a Win32 GUI application, and I started with Perl/Tk, after a while, I found that is really complex to write an interface by purely code, so I look for some GUI builder. Then, I found Tcl/Tk, seems that's the easiest and complete builder I can find.

I tried some search, but don't have a clue at a point is that : Can I build the interface with Tcl, and then finished the code with Perl?

If yes, that still one more question is that who's the host and whose the guest? I mean after the program finish, the script is interpreted by Perl or Tcl ? Coz I need to compile the app to an exe file before I distribute to my colleagues.

But if no, could you suggest any approach for me? I need a GUI builder to build the interface, and write the code with Perl... and I am on WinXP.

Moreover, I would also consider dynamic interface modifies on the fly, eg. Extends tables' rows, real time gen menu items, auto scroll bars etc. I wonder if some module can capture the Tcl interface source as objects, and then Perl can access to its properties or even extends the Tcl windows.

Please help brief me some basic idea/concept or point me to any useful documents. Thank you very very much.

Ps. I know nothing about Tcl language though. UPDATE: I use PerlApp to pack the script.