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I have a text file with contents like below . Ansv. specialist-/ överläkare: 1 Ordinerade läkemedel: 1 namn: 1 Undersökningsresultat: 1 H - Med avd K74: 3 Anamnes: 1 Bidiagnos(er) enl. ICD-10: 2 Uppföljning: 1 Nybesök: 1 Journalförare: 1 ASIH-Äldrebo Älvsjö: 4 Huvuddiagnos enl. ICD-10: 2 Vårdtid: 1 Orsakskod/text: 1 Bedömning: 1 Epikris: 1 H - AVA M83 Medicin: 8 Vårdförlopp: 1 Utskriftsdatum: 1 . I need to sort based based upon the Numerical values . I have wrote a piece of code and its sorting up based upon the alphabets

#!usr/bin/perl open (FILE, "raj.txt") || die "Cannot open file.\n"; open (NEWFILE, ">rk.txt") || die "Cannot find or open file for editing +.\n"; my %count; while (my $line=<FILE>) { my @z = (split(/\n/,$line)); ++$count{$z[0]}; } print "\n\tGRADES SORTED BY STUDENT NAME:\n"; foreach $key (sort (keys(%count))) { print NEWFILE "\t\t$key \t\t$keys{$values}\n"; } close NEWFILE; close FILE; print "Done!\n";

please someone help me how to do this and also give me some explanation about how to do. I am a beginner in perl.