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Many of us here are learning Perl too. Iíve found hanging around on perlmonks is a very good start, there are many experienced monks that are willing to help. Have a look at the very marvellous Tutorials, do a bit of super searching.

So, sign up for an account and start writing code. :-) If you get stuck show us your code. If you get an error message show us that too. Show us any input the code needs and any output you get and show us what output you expected. Write your code so that monks can download it and run it. Make sure it compiles and use strict and warnings.

If you try to follow these guidelines youíll almost certainly get helpful responses. When Iíve done this Iíve had answers, suggestions and advice from experienced monks that have helped me, kicking and struggling, along the path to getting at least a faint grip on Perl. Iím sure you will too, welcome to the monastery.