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The Background:
I work for a university in the Web Development Office. Perl, up until today, wasn't installed on campus servers, so we've been doing development off-site for sometime. We've been limited to what we can develop, mainly because of the slow speed of the host, lack of installed modules, and lack of overall control of the system. So needless to say, we've been asking the university to supply us with a local server that we can control.

The Problem:
Today, they installed Perl 5.003_07 for NetWare for us. For some reason, when they tried to install Perl 5.6, it would crash the server every time Perl was started. So they decided to go back to Perl 5.003_07 which is the only version they can get running stably. From a development standpoint, we are taking a huge step backwards in my opinion. Currently, several people in the office are migrating our Perl 5.6 code backwards to 5.003_07.

The Questions:
Does anyone have any ideas as to why the NetWare server would crash with Perl 5.6? Please note, I'm not a Novell person, I'm just trying to find some information for the network guys.

Does anyone know of any information regarding Perl 5.003_07, and the differences between that and Perl 5.6?

I found this quote: "Note that the currently (March 1999) available NetWare port is based on the ActiveWare port of Perl 5.003_07 (October 1996, a very old and unsupported release of Perl)" which doesn't make the situation sound any better to me.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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