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Looking at the Component configuration section in the Catalyst::Manual::ExtendingCatalyst POD, I see I should be able to access my component's config with $self->config. However, that's empty. Here's my setup, including variations I've tried.

package MyApp::Controller::Foo; use Data::Dumper; ... sub auto { my( $self, $c ) = @_; $c->log->debug( Dumper(__PACKAGE__->config) ); # yields { } $c->log->debug( Dumper($self->config) ); # yields { } (metho +d I think I should work per doc) $c->log->debug( Dumper($c->config) ); # the whole config +tree, not just this component's #$c->config->{'Controller::Foo'}->... # the only way I've figured +out to access local config (fixed typo) } # MyApp.conf variation 1 name MyAPP <Controller Foo> foo bar </Controller> # MyApp.conf variation 2 -- no difference in results from 1 name MyApp <MyApp> <Controller Foo> foo bar </Controller> </MyApp>

What am I doing wrong? Or, if I'm looking at the wrong docs, which should I be looking at?