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I need to develop a small project that sends an e-mail from Outlook, I looked a lot and I found a potential option:

It's nice because it interact with Outlook, however it appears to bring the security warning from Outlook which is bad.

I found a third party solution called Redemption:

They appear to be great, but they are not free and there is no information how to use this with perl and I have no idea.

So, any example of code sending e-mail preferable with attachment (for example c:\boot.ini) without the security warning is very welcome (with Redemption or without).

Thanks a lot.

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Re: MAPI Extension - Send Outlook Message without security warning (Redemption)?
by ksublondie (Friar) on Aug 24, 2011 at 20:01 UTC
    Any particular reason why it has to be an Outlook specific module? I've used the generic Mail::POP3Client and MIME::Lite modules with our Outlook/Exchange email system without a problem.
      I can't speak for the OP but recently I was setting up a script that sent a report to a centrally maintained Exchange distribution list. It generated a different even more annoying warning where you had to select a period of time. FWIW, this was Outlook 2003; I've found that you get less complaints from Outlook 2010.

      I eventually got the job done using MS Access vba (the one without macro recording). :-(