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Fellow Monks,

I have successfully finished reading Learning Perl (several times over). So where do I go next? A monk once told me I should look at some general computer science (see Re: Perl: For Newbies).

I don't want to go on to a book like Intermediate Perl just yet. I want to keep practicing what I've learned from Learning Perl before I go onto that book.

I also thought about going to a class, but was out of luck. There were no Perl or Computer Science classes within a 50 mile radius of me. My school does not give any Computer Science classes (I'm in High School) so that is not an option either.

My final thought was just rereading Learning Perl again and again until I had the whole book memorized. That sounds pretty boring and I'm sure many will agree with me on that.

After I racked my brain for ideas, I finally decided to consult the Monks. I ask you all for advice on this.

Thanks in advance