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Fun concept. Those sorts of puzzles can be fun to implement.

Didn't the Zodiac Killer have a spell checker?

@signalWords=( "children","others","around","shall","about", "people","would","missed","police", "because","thing","there","could","rather", "light","school","vallejo","useing","triger", "howers","cerous","meannie","killed","victom", "speaking","lyeing","workers","afterlife", "zodiac","intersting","idenity","woeman", "untill" );

How about:

@signal_words = qw/ children others around shall about people would missed police because thing there could rather light school vallejo using trigger hovers curious meanie killed victim speaking lying workers afterlife zodiac interesting identity woman until /;

I had to guess on hovers and curious.

Maybe you know something I don't. Is it a known fact that he wrote some of the words wonkily? (That's a new word, I think.)

:) Next get to work on the question that was answered by 42.